Seven Stars Oil Fields Equipments

ISTAEC is a dynamic and motivated company, with a full design and develoment capability in its gas and liquid analysis business and integration of DCS/ESD/F&G/SIS/HIPPS. Product range covers the entire project from initial screening to in-house start-up, and extends into total training and maintenance. With its complete design ability, renowned manufacturing quality and lower cost base, ISATEC is a valued partner that supply gas and liquid analysis systems, integration of control system, all field instrumentation, enginering studies maintenance, service and so on.

Engineering & Integration of Analyzer Packages:

Committed to delivering exceptional personalized and flexible service to our international and domestic customers. We understand our customer needs and will work hard to provide quality products and services at competitive prices.

  • Process analyzers (H2S, CO, O2, GC, SO2...)
  • Flue gas monitors (extractive and in-situ)
  • Environmental monitoring and Air Quality Control
  • Energy and Power plants
  • Air Seperation Units
  • Water treatment analyzers (Ph, TOC, TSS, TDC, ...)
Integration of Control System:
  • FCS / Fieldbus and Profibus (Foundation Control System)
  • DCS (Distributed Control System)
  • ESD (Emergency Shutdown System)
  • F&G (Fire & Gas System)
  • SIS (Safety Instrumented System)
  • HIPPS (High Integrated Pressure System)

IPS Automation Products Pvt. Ltd.

System Integrators for Control & Instrumentation

We are associated with Indian based company in New Delhi called IPS Automation. Since its inception in 1992, IPS has been dealing in Process Control Instrumentation & has built up a sound reputation for being “Responsible to customer needs”. IPS product portfolio encompases a large range of instruments starting from Primary Field Instruments to Distributed Control Systems. Products are chosen from the Top most companies in the respective fields and a totally application oriented integrated solutions is provided to the customers.


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